The construction administration is that phase of the project upon where the construction documents are completed and prepared to submit for permit or local approval. Sivitz Innovative Designs offers the following professional services:

  • Complete coordination through the building permit submittal process.
  • Management of bidding and negotiations between the client, developer and selected contractors for the project.
  • Continued meetings with client, contractor and other design professionals as necessary through the course of project construction.
  • Continual on-site inspections and reviews.
  • Plans modifications that may be required to reflect requested changes by the owner of contractor.
  • The coordination of submittals, shop drawings and other related materials that require review through out the construction process.
  • Preparation of periodic progress reports and in-depth final walk through with client and contractor.
  • Coordination with design professionals, municipality officials as necessary through out the construction process.
  • Periodic job sit meeting with contractor, sub-contractors and design professionals to assure the time line and the integrity of the project is being met.